More contemporary music

Andrew Ager’s Führerbunker is coming to Toronto under the auspices of the Centre for Opera Studies in Italy.  It plays at the Tranzac Club on May 1st and 2nd at 7.30pm.  It’s a one hour piece, in German, dealing with the last days of the Hitler regime.  There’s an article about it at Musical Toronto.  Tickets are available here.

fuhrerbunkerOn April 16th Soundstreams are presenting Song for Athene at 8pm at Trinity St. Paul’s.  It’s a concert featuring works by John Tavener, Christos Hatzis, Jonathan Harvey and Vanraj Bhatia.  Soprano Patricia Rozario, for whom Tavener wrote more than 30 works, headlines and will be joined by Choir 21 and the Toronto Children’s Chorus.  More details and tickets are here.

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