Upcoming events

vh-headshotThis evening at 7.30pm at Trinity St. Paul’s The Talisker Players have their first concert of the season entitled Songs of Travel.  Virginia Hatfield  will be performing the French baroque work Le Sommeil d’Ulisse by Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre and the rarely performed Algoma Central by Louis Applebaum. Also featured is baritone Geoffrey Sirett in Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Songs of Travel and Vally Weigl’s Songs of Love and Leaving. Also on tomorrow.

Tomorrow night and Thursday night the UoT Opera Division is putting on a free show in the Hart House music room.  It’s called Last Days and is billed as a theatrical commemoration of WW1.  It’s directed by Tim Albery.

Thursday night and again on the 1st, The TSO is doing Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius with Catherine Wyn-Rogers, John Relyea and Stuart Skelton who uys replacing the originally scheduled Ben Heppner.

Talking oif whom, Ben Heppner will host the COC’s Centre Stage at the Four Seasons Centre on November 25th.  This is essentially the final audition for places in next season’s Ensemble Studio and there are some pretty decent cash prizes too.  Unusually for such an event the singers will be accompanied by the COC Orchestra conducted by Johannes Debus.  The format is the same as last year.  Each singer will present two arias; one in a late afternoon session for the judges and a few invitees and then another later on for the full audience.  In between there is a drinks and snacks reception.  Doors to the public part of the proceedings open at 6.30pm and tickets are $100.  Last year was fun.

Lastly, the full line up for Tapestry Briefs: Booster Shots has been announced.  It’s as follows:

1984: THE FOLDED PAPER by Nicolas Billon and Christopher Thornborrow
Orwell’s iconic Winston Smith is secretly handed a love note from Julia.  Not sure if it is real or a trap, he hides it, agonizing over what it could mean.

BESSIE by Morris Panych and Christopher Thornborrow
A star jazz singer is struck by her boyfriend just as she is about to go on stage. She fights him, egging him on to finally leave her.  He does, she touches up, and goes on stage to thunderous applause.
BLIND WOMAN by David Yee and James Rolfe
A dancer who has lost her vision remembers her former self dancing in a conversation with her shadow.  They dance together, but not quite together anymore.

BROOKS BUSH GANG by Hannah Moscovitch and Benton Roark
Based on real events, the sexuality, criminality, and humanity of the Toronto-based, women-run, 1860s Brooks Bush Gang–culprits of a high-profile murder on the Don River Bridge–are explored.

DAMNATION by Morris Panych and Ivan Barbotin
A man is condemned to hell, in an office that’s too hot, with a fan that doesn’t work, and a fly that won’t stop buzzing. Instead of cracking, he devises a plan to escape and return to the living.

FETISHIST by David Yee and Ivan Barbotin
An Asian woman undergoes surgery to look more white and be generally more accepted in society. Her Caucasian boyfriend, she discovers, has an Asian fetish and doesn’t know how to love her anymore.

MEMES by Nicholas Billon and Dean Burry
A hipster couple on a first date discover they don’t have anything in common . . . until they discover a shared passion for trending memes.  Virtual romance and hilarity ensue!

OUBLIETTE by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard and Ivan Barbotin
Laura has just escaped imprisonment in a basement in suburbia. Exulting in her new found freedom, Laura discovers how foreign her own name sounds to her.  She sings it over and over again, reuniting with herself as she reunites with the rest of the world.

THE OVERCOAT by Morris Panych and James Rolfe
Panych’s hugely successful reinterpretation of short stories by Russian dramatist Nikolai Gogol, the wordless The Overcoat, is brought to life once again by Panych and Rolfe in a scene where two comically opinionated tailors dominate the man being fitted for a simple overcoat.

R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) by Nicolas Billon and Nicole Lizée
Two scientists confer excitedly in panic as they search for ways to combat the hordes of robots that have turned on them, the creators.  “The children are home Domin.”

The show will start in the Ernest Baulmer Studio and then tour the Distillery!  Singers Cat Affleck, Alexander Dobson, Keith Klassen and Krisztina Szabò will be joined by pianists
Pianists Christopher Foley and Jennifer Tung.  The show runs November 13th-16th.  Performances begin at 8pm and tickets are $35.

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