A statistical round up of 2013

jane_tixOperaramblings closed out 2013 with 70323 hits, up 47% from 2012.  Every month was busier than its equivalent in 2012 with a record high 7050 hits in October.  The busiest day was December 15th with 761 hits boosted by traffic related to Against the Grain’s Messiah.  I’ll be interested to see if this upward trend continues.  Personally, I think we are close to plateauing but at a level I would have regarded as completely unattainable when I started this little venture.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of hits were from Canada and the United States.  In all there were visitors from 133 countries, at least if Jersey, Guernsey and the Faroe Islands count as countries.

Leaving aside the obvious such as the home page, live reviews and news tended to produce the most traffic with AtG’s Messiah, Topher’s move to Calgary and the Opera 5 gala topping the topical list.  They were beaten out though by hardy perennial Cheap tickets at the COC and, more surprisingly perhaps, my review of Maria Ewing’s 1992 Salome, which continues to be the most popular item on operaramblings with an amazing 938 hits in 2013.  Clearly nudity does sell opera.

The most controversial piece was Opera in translation which generated 41 comments.  The most popular search terms continue to be variants of “opera ramblings”, “maria ewing salome” and “calixto bieito” though this year they were joined by “robert carsen” which is probably a sign of returning sanity.  The weirdest was definitely the string that linked my name with that of a young soprano, especially as it happened four times.

There are now 278 DVD and Blu-ray reviews in the archive.

6 thoughts on “A statistical round up of 2013

  1. Impressive! Congrats on the increasing traffic. I predict the upward trend will continue. My favorite (but not most popular) search at RnR was “miah persson hot” (JK is still my biggest draw — unsurprisingly!)

  2. Congrats! Not surprising as you update so regularly and specialize in local performances. There is so little criticism of local classical music anymore in the mainstream media that blogs like this one are of increasing necessity. I’m still surprised not one of the major papers covered the recent Natalie Dessay/Michel Legrand concert. One of the world’s leading singers comes to town for the first time in an unusual program and…crickets! All the more need for blogs like this one.

      • Yes I got my ticket late not much left and even a cheap seat was $65 but I was glad I took the plunge. I was so happy to hear this great singer even if it wasn’t in opera or concert. Her many skills and talents were just as evident in a pop idiom. You should be on koerner hall’s media list, no?

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