Another transladaptation

Cassandra Warner

Cassandra Warner

There’s another indie opera company in town; Loose Tea Music Theatre.  They are going to be putting on a crowd source funded transladaptation of Carmen called La tragédie de Carmen at Buddies in Bad Times on September the 6th, 7th and 8th.  Details of the show are here and the crowd source funding page is here.  This is no amateur effort.  It’s directed by Alaina Viau who has worked at the ROH.  The title role will be sung by Cassandra Warner, last seen in Opera Atelier’s Magic Flute, and the Don José is Ryan Harper, previously a Rodolfo for Against the Grain’s Tranzac La Bohème.

This was brought to my attention by Lisa Faieta who has a new blog, Soprano vs. the World.  Check it out!


4 thoughts on “Another transladaptation

  1. I think this is the Peter Brook version of Carmen that has been produced all over the world for at least a decade, no? It’s a reduced version of the opera, without chorus I think, but still in French as far as I know…

    • If it is the Brook, and it rather looks like it is, it’s been around for 30 years or so. As I understand it they are doing it with French singing and English dialogue. Not my ideal but…

      • Goodness, time flies…I’ve always wanted to see this version. Glad we’ll have a chance (hopefully if the fund raising campaign goes well!) this fall. Cassandra Warner is a lovely singer – I think she’ll be great in the role.

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