Chuck’s back

crEarlier this week I fired up iTunes in search of the latest Melvin Bragg “In Our Time” episode and noticed that two podcasts were downloading.  The other one turned out to be a new episode of Charles Reid’s “This Opera Life”.  Now, Charles’ podcast had been on hiatus for months and I really missed it so I was delighted at this turn of events.  I didn’t get a chance to listen to it until I was heading to the market at stupid o’clock this morning.  Anyway, to cut to the chase, after an explanation of the hiatus, Charles goes on to say nice things about this blog and the Big COC Podcast.  Which is awfully kind of him.  Charles’ podcasts are mostly interviews with the ordinary working stiffs of the opera world.  Occasionally he hooks a “big name” but mostly not and it’s all the more interesting because of it.  I think his archive now has 59 episodes, curiously numbered two to sixty!  The latest features director Jonathon Loy.  I recommend it highly.

You can find Charles Reid’s podcasts at or on iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Chuck’s back

  1. I’ve listened to quite a few episodes of his podcast, so good to know there are some new episodes. And yes, important for people to know that the opera world functions on many levels, and not every singer/player exists at the superstar level! Especially in Germany where Reid is based (or at least he was when I was listening last year), there are so many smaller companies full of excellent musicians doing their job, day in day out without the fame of Netrebko and company!

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