_ 2 legs en l_aire“An absurdist erotic lesbian love letter to the ocean” is how the programme describes Sara Porter’s show which opened last night at The Theatre Centre.  It sums it up pretty well.  Geographically it takes from a cow pond in Albertas to the Bay of Fundy and temporally from the creation of the Earth and the Moon to the present.  And there’s lots of water.

Jessie (n) profile 2It’s a mix of dialogue, dance (for some value of dance), projections and general craziness.  One minute we are watching beautiful, rather suggestive videos of water flowing ver rock.  The next we see Sara and co-conspiratorJessie Garon trying to imitate the noise a birthing cow makes while executing highly energetic choreography.  Dance numbers range from a piece involving seagulls on heads and rolling suitcases to one in foofy dresses where Sara wears yellow wellies and Jess wears flippers.

Omer Shoe onThe projections, by Linnea Swann and Jeremy Mimnagh are gorgeous.  Jess Garon has amazing moves.  There are lots of fun facts about tides and amniotic fluid and t’s very funny.  It only lasts sixty five minutes which flies by (and is about ten minutes less than it took to get home on the TTC last night).  If you feel the need for some uplifting lunacy in your life, this is the show.  It runs until Sunday.


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