Ex California semper aliquid novi

love & lightFrom the good people of Silicon Valley, who brought us the iPod and the iPad and the iDontknowwhatelse, we now have iSing Silicon Valley; a choir of young women.  Their new album is titled love and light and features the choir with, on some tracks, harpist Cheryl Fulton and soprano Estelelí Gomez in settings of Latin texts ranging from Hildegard of Bingen to contemporary composers.  It’s all sort of in the range of plainchant to polyphony with young bright vibrato-less voices with maybe a New Agey touch (though that may be guilt by association),

It’s pleasant enough listening though a little unvaried.  The choir is very decent, the harp is a nice touch and Gomez has a rather beautiful voice.  Plus it’s a well engineered recording made at Mont La Salle Chapel in Napa last summer.  The acoustic suits the music.  It’s due for a digital only release on 14th April 2023 in MP3 and standard and hi-res FLAC formats.  I listened to the 24 bit, 96kHz version.

Catalogue number: Avie AV2602


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