Palej premiere

This one’s a bit different.  COSA (Centre for Opera Study and Appreciation) have a stream of a new opera by Norbert Palej coming up.  It’s called The Art of Love and it’s drawn from various works by Ovid including the obvious one but also, as best I can tell, Medicamina Faciei Femineae and Metamorphoses.  It’s sung in Latin (there are subtitles for those whose Latin is less than fluent) with animations by Sean Stanley.  There are two overlapping casts with some very decent singers including Ryan Downey and Alex Hajek.  It’s playing tonight and the next three nights at 7.30pm with alternating casts.


I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole hour and a half or so since I only found out about it yesterday but I dipped into it and was quite impressed.  I like the music, there’s some good singing and the animations are fun.  And it’s Ovid.  It’s a ticketed show ($20).  Tickets, and full casting information can be found here.  And there’s a trailer here.

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