Improvisation as Life

There was another not entirely conventional show last night though, on account of being singular, I had to wait until this morning to watch it.  It was Tapestry Opera’s Improvisation as Life featuring pianist Robi Botos improvising on the Bösendorfer Imperial while Art Battle champion Moses Salihou painted.  It’s a very interesting concept and another example of a company creating a show that translates well to on-line delivery.  I’m not well versed in piano improvisation but I found it interesting and enjoyable and was somewhat surprised (I don’t know why really) that Botos made use of extended piano techniques as well as the keyboard.  The art work was pretty cool too.


There was also a teaser for Tapestry’s SOS Sketch Opera coming up in two weeks time.  It looks the first time I will see peas as characters on stage since Love and Kisses from Kirkby at the Everyman in Liverpool in 1978.  That time one of them was playing my boss’ boss.  Tapestry’s investment in professional quality recording gear clearly paid off in this high quality production which is available, for now at least, on their Youtube channel.


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