Little Chamber Music Isolation Commissions

Today I want to draw your attention to Little Chamber Music and their Isolation Commissions.  For $200, you get to choose an artist who will film a 4min video of themselves performing at home, something that reflects the impact our extraordinary social situation is having on their artistic practice. It might be an improvisation, a favourite piece, a work that brings comfort, a work in progress….that’s up to the artist.

Smaller donations are very welcome! Several people have asked if they can contribute to the general fund for commissions; each time they reach $200 they will pick a great artist from our community who is in a vulnerable position.

Right now there are ten videos up on the website and all the information on how to donate, get a tax receipt etc is at the bottom of the page. So whether you are in a position to help or just want some consolation, do visit the site. Meanwhile here’s Alex and Jimin Dobson with some Bach for Holy Week.

And in other news… Arts Anyway the third episode aka episode 3 is up on Youtube. And three shall be the number of the episode…


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