Arts Anyway

Here’s another chance to hear some “live” music by local artists.  Tongue in Cheek Productions are starting a series of webstreamed shows called Arts Anyway in support of artists impacted by the current Covid 19 situation.  The first show will go up at 7pm on Sunday evening (tomorrow) with further shows planned to be twice weekly.  The initial offering will feature performances by tenor Jaques Arsenault, soprano Jennifer Routhier and pianist Natasha Fransblow as well as interviews and news items.  The show will be uploaded to their YouTube channel.

artsanywayAs I’m sure everybody knows or has figured out these are bleak times for performing artists with most people having little or no income coming in so Arts Anyway is looking for viewer support via a GoFundMe page – GoFundMe.

More details at​ with news and updates on Instagram (@arts.anyway) and Twitter (@artsanyway).

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