Odysseus and the Sorceress

odysseusThis is a really unusual CD.  It combines readings; both in the original Greek and in English translation of some of the best known passages in Homer’s Odyssey with music for period instruments composed by Rachel Stott.

The short passages of Greek are read by Maria Telnikoff and the more extensive English sections by Abe Buckoke in a variety of accents, most of which are hard to place.  Somemartin,crockett,, of the text is accompanied by a combo of renaissance flute, alto sackbut, viola damore and aeolian harp.

The instrumental interludes are provided by Catherine Martin on violin, John Crockett on viola with theorbo and the English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble.  Althogh the music is written for period instruments it’s most definitely not baroque pastiche.  Ms. Stott has an entirely individual and quite modern style though here clearly aiming to evoke the ancient Mediterranean.

It’s fun if you like Homer.  The passages are read with elan and include all the fun bits like Circe and the Cyclops.  The music is interesting and apt.  The playing is all excellent and the recording is clear and well balanced.  The disk runs just shy of a generous 70 minutes.  There’s no documentation to speak of but it’s hardly necessary.


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