Opera for Disaster Relief

I have spent most of the last two decades working in healthcare.  Most of that has been at the high tech, big dollar end of the business and one thing one learns in that world is that the big dollars are big.  Sometimes one questions the large salaries of hospital administrators and ministry “off scale” bureaucrats.  Sometimes one asks whether spending very large sums to provide a marginal life extension of poor quality makes any sense.  Always one is aware that much of the money spent that way could have a much greater impact elsewhere.  Nobody would deny that a dollar spent on providing emergency medicine in a disaster area or conflict zone goes a lot further than a dollar spent on the latest experimental chemotherapy or dubious IT mega-project.  That’s why I, personally, support Médecins Sans Frontières and why I was so glad that to say thanks for their shiny new piano acquisition, Tapestry decided to stage a concert benefitting MSF and local “first responder” charity Global Medic.

It was a blast.  There was opera, there was music theatre, there was song and there were a few surprises including Google Translate’s version of Nessun Dorma.  It was moving and often very funny.  It was quite staggering that so many artists, many of them busy professionals, responded at short notice to Michael Mori’s appeal for performers.  So thanks to Michael and the Tapestry crew for organising and to Michael Nyby, Michael Shannon, Natalya Gennadi, Alexander Hajek, Virginia Hatfield, Megan Latham, Whitney Mather, Janaka Welihinda, Rebecca Cuddy, Aaaron Durand, John Terauds,Ramona Carmelly, Asitha Tennekoon, Keith Klassen, Zorana Sadiq, Suhashini Arulanandam, Nelson Moneo, Sybil Shanahan, Taras Chmil, Sara Schabas, Erica Iris Huang, Irina Medvedeva, Simone McIntosh and Simone Osborne as well as everyone who bought a ticket.

Should you feel moved to contribute both the charities linked to have easy to find “donate” buttons.

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