Toy pianos on a bicycle

On April 1st and 2nd Bicycle Opera Project will present Travelogue; four new operas that explore travel by bicycle, car and rocket ship. It’s part of Toy Piano Composers’ inaugural Curiosity Festival

The four operas are:

April by Monica Pearce
Cycling up the Don Valley Trail, a young woman grapples with a decision she cannot put off any longer.

Road Trip by Elisha Denburg
What you’d expect from two guys on a road trip. Until it’s not.

My Mouth on Your Heart by August Murphy-King with a libretto by Colleen Murphy
Liam encounters Life and Death as he travels to the spot where his girlfriend died.

Waterfront by Tobin Stokes
On the shuttle to Mars, scientists dispute their quest. The perfect espresso? Or something else entirely?


This year’s Bicycle Opera team is Larissa Koniuk – soprano, Marjorie Maltais, mezzo-soprano (who I thought should have been among the winners at Centre Stage),  Chris Enns – tenor, and Geoffrey Sirett – baritone with Ilana Waniuk – violin, Anthony Thompson – clarinet and Wesley Shen – music director & piano.  Liza Balkan will direct with sets and costumes by Sonja Rainey.

Travelogue plays April 1st and 2nd at 8pm at the Arts and Letters Club on Elm Street.

Travelogue is the first concert of Toy Piano Composer’s inaugural new music festival, Curiosity Festival, with concerts April 1st-9th, 2016. In addition to Travelogue, the Curiosity Festival includes Playback, an immersive sound installation at the Canadian Music Centre on April 6th and 7th, and Metal, a metal-inspired chamber music finale with the Toy Piano Composers Ensemble at Heliconian Hall on April 9th.

Tickets for Travelogue ($15/$20) will go on sale next month but you can get a $30 pass for the whole festival now here.

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