Not a review

Why do I keep finding myself in the backroom of the Tranzac?  We’ve had a relationship for 20 years now; Nomads’ dances, Waterson/Carthy, the first Against the Grain La Bohème.  I see ghosts there.  Last night I saw the latest in the Vocalis performance series from the UoT Music Faculty grad students.  It was a cabaret show with appropriate music from the 20s, 30s and 40s.  There was Weill and Eisler and Satie and Poulenc and others.  This is music I adore and it was gritty enough and well MC’d by Adi Braun.  I wish I could tell you who was singing, Adi aside, because it was really good but there was no program and I wasn’t taking notes.  I think it was Tom King on keyboards.  There’s a surprising number of shows of this kind on in Toronto that don’t get the heavy promotion treatment.  They are worth keeping an eye out for.


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