None so blind

bad-taxidemy-10So Opera Lyra in Ottawa has closed down.  Here’s the announcement.  I’m a little sad that the performance opportunities for hard working but under employed Canadian singers have been reduced but that’s pretty much the extent of it.  I’ve watched Opera Lyra as they have lurched along, season after season, with traditional productions of the most mainstream of mainstream operas.  Carmen has followed Traviata has followed Figaro.  All in the very expensive National Arts Centre; fully staged with a big, expensive orchestra even as their finances have tanked.  The strategy has shown all the imagination of a British general on the Western Front in 1916.

There are lots of “could haves”.  They could have hired an artistic director from outside the Old Boys Club.  They could have experimented with cheaper venues and smaller scale productions.  But no, big and boring itb had to be.  I guess that’s Ottawa.  No doubt they will blame government funding and the current parsimonious attitude to The Arts.  Fine!  I’m all for a better deal for The Arts but not for taxidermy.

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