Third blogiversary

Fafner cat guards the magic Bikehelm

Fafner cat guards the magic Bikehelm

So, today marks the third anniversary of this blog.  This will be the 824th post.  There are over 300 DVD/Blu-ray reviews in the database.  As I write there have been 1,981 comments and 182,996 views.

As I have said to many people I started this project with no ambitions.  I certainly didn’t expect it to change my life but that’s what it has done.  I have had the chance to experience music that I would likely never of heard of and tp learn about it from the people who create and perform it.  More importantly I have met some really amazing people, some of whom have become firm friends.  It’s been especially welcome as coincidentally my previously heavy involvement in rugby came to an end because of advancing age and eye problems almost exactly a year after starting this new venture.

so, to those of you who have made this journey so rewarding, my sincerest thanks and to those who will make it fun for the next few years, I look forward to meeting you!

5 thoughts on “Third blogiversary

  1. Happy anniversary! I’ve found operaramblings an enriching experience too.

    That reminds me, next time I’m not skint I must book for the Coronation of Poppea in Salford.

  2. I’ve been enjoying your blog for the last few months since our mutual Pianist friend directed me to it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your candid thoughts. They are refreshing and effervescent. Bravo!

    BTW- I want that cat!

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