New Canadian works from Essential Opera

Not sure how this managed to fly under the radar but Essential Opera have a show of three Canadian premieres at Heliconian Hall on April 5th.  The works are:

Composed by Monica Pearce, libretto by John Terauds
Pitting politeness and perfection against the harsher facts of life, through the eyes of Dorothy Parker, Emily Post and Nancy Astor.
Learn more about Monica and her music on her website:

Composed by Elisha Denburg, libretto by Maya Rabinovitch
The story of Regina Jonas, the first woman to be ordained a rabbi – in 1935 Berlin – and the young student who discovers her truth.
Learn more about Elisha and his music on his website:

Heather (Cindy + Mindy = BFs 4EVER)
Composed by Christopher Thornborrow, libretto by Julie Tepperman
A hard-hitting introduction to the vicious reality of online bullying between girls and young women.
Learn more about Chris and his music on his website:

A “first draft” of part of the last was featured at a Tapestry Shorts show not so long ago.

The performance team is:

Music director: Cheryl Duvall
Conductor: David Passmore
Erin Bardua, soprano
Maureen Batt, soprano
Julia Morgan, mezzo
Keith O’Brien, baritone
Jesse Clark, baritone

There’s a crowd funding project and more details at

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