New/old Blu-ray titles

warnerclassics2564636281It appears that Warner Classics are slowly releasing some of their back catalogue of video recordings on Blu-ray.  These appear to be recordings that were previously available in North America on rather low quality Kultur releases.  And by low quality I mean that many of them had serious sound problems as well as annoyances like hard coded English subtitles.  These are mostly older recordings; typically 4:3 format picture drawn from TV broadcasts so there is only so much remastering can do for them but, if the Sellars Theodora is anything to go by, they are a huge improvement.  Several Glyndebourne classics have appeared including the Anja Silja Makroupolos Case and the Haitink Marriage of Figaro.  Pricing is a bit variable but there are some real bargains to be had.

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