New operas at UoT

The University of Toronto Student Composers Collective presents a free programme of short comic works at the Macmillan Theatre at 5pm on January 30th.

Encounters is an hour long operatic entertainment comprising five operatic samplings. Grief Encounter, composed by Robert Drisdelle, is a cheeky nod to the operatic convention of surtitles while The Proposal chides us not to take situations at face value. In the Shadow of Rob Ford is a romantic scenario composed by Keyan Emami. Two lonely, young people meet during a protest in Nathan Philips Square while Rob Ford, reduced metaphorically to an off-stage voice, provides editorial comment as he packs up his City Hall office. The Box Office, composed by Bekah Simms, pits an aggravating customer against a heroic box office attendant and the program concludes with Shelley Marwood’s setting of Say No to the Dress, a parody of the rabid obsession with finding just the right bridal gown.

I hope someone goes and reviews this because I have work commitments that make it impossible for me to attend.

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