Blogs I read

I do read other people’s opera related blogs. Here are a few of the ones I read fairly regularly:

Mostly about the Toronto scene but worth reading anyway

Musical Toronto – Perhaps the most comprehensive blog covering the Toronto classical music scene.  John Terauds is a former music critic of the Toronto Star and it was, in large part, his removal from that role (and its elimination) that “inspired” me to write How to write an opera review for a Toronto newspaper.

Definitely the Opera – Lydia Perović’s blog is perhaps not updated as often as one might wish but what is there is always worth a read.  This is the only place I know when you can get just about every opera in town dissected through the lens of gender theory, with a distinct queer bias.  She’s not a bad novelist either.

barczablog – Leslie Barcza is a self described Pollyanna.  If it’s possible to find good in a performance he will.  This is not to say he’s not insightful.  He is, often brilliantly so.  It’s just that he prefers not to dwell on the negative.  I’ve learned a lot from him especially when I have found myself reviewing pieces I wouldn’t have chosen to buy tickets for.  It may not be my thing but that doesn’t make it bad or wrong.  More than a few professional critics could usefully take lessons from this blog.

Random friends in the blogosphere

The Earworm – A very personal, quirky blog written by a young American academic.  It contains good thoughtful reviews of performances, mainly at the Met, and detailed dissections of video recordings; mainly baroque and classical and often in several instalments.  Also dreams and stuff.

Regie or not Regie – Contains links, information and analysis of just about anything operatic being live streamed anywhere in the world.  Also lots of pointers to Youtube clips.  For giggles there are also compendia of “stupid reviewer comments” mostly from

Opera Obsession – Another opera blog from a young American academic currently in Germany.  It’s very erudite in a good way.  I wish I wrote as well as Lucy.

Intermezzo – One of the great news, rumour and gossip sites of the opera world and not nearly as unpleasant as the other one.  I don’t know how she does it.

Third Floor Republic – A Boston based opera, music and theatre blog.  Quite eclectic, always intelligent and has cats.

Likely Impossibilities – A good place to find long, thoughtful reviews of performances mainly at the Metropolitan Opera.

11 thoughts on “Blogs I read

  1. I read most of these too. With Lucy, in addition to critical incisiveness, there is also this fundamental generosity. It’s a very appealing combination. Plus feminism there too.

    Also to mention with Zerbi: her sense of humour. The mix of humour and feminism and musicological knowledge and sometimes a very political stance is delish.

    I’d add Opera Traveller to the list, and I’m sure I’ll remember more. I Hear Voices! That’s a good one, yes. Bibliore. Capriccio. I’m sure I’ll remember five others as soon as hit Post Comment.

    • I think generosity is a very appealing quality. I called it out in talking about Leslie because he has taught me so much about it but you are right, Lucy has it too. And yes, Zerb can be quite wicked but not mean.
      I follow Opera Traveller on Twitter but I don’t think I’ve ever read his blog. I Hear Voices is new to me too.

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for the callout! And thanks for the description of my blog. For a few months, I’ve been trying to verbalize the blog’s evolution, and I appreciate your thumbnail of it! Thanks for calling me a friend, too! (I guess it’s time for another SRC post, too!)

    Cheers, Rob

  3. What about Boulezian? While it is a music (rather than an opera) blog he frequently writes about Opera–esp. Wagner and 20 and 21 century opera.
    While I disagree with him on Verdi (who he hates) he is often brialliant insightful, funny and sometimes sarcastic (even nasty). He is also very generous in praising performances he likes.

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