Search statistics

I’m a bit of a fanatic about numbers so I tend to check the blog stats quite a bit. WordPress has pretty useful statistical tools really. Among other things one can track the search strings used to find one’s site. Here’s a screen cap showing that data from the beginning of this blog:

I’m completely at a loss to explain why “Calixto Bieito” and related terms should be represented thirty times more often than anything else.

4 thoughts on “Search statistics

  1. I have the same problem with “Malin Hartelius.”

    Also, the searcher you told me about with a . . let’s call it a personal rather than a musical thing for Sondra Radvanovsky? They’ve shown up around my place too.

    The internet is a deep and mysterious place.

  2. how interesting! and what is calixto bieito anyway? got me curious so i went searching on mine, phew, nothing alarming, tomomi nishimoto made it to the top with ~180 search, followed by kasarova at ~120… still can’t explain why someone once got to my site via search of “portable toilet” !

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