Save the Foundry

The Dominion Foundry complex is a group of heritage buildings just to the north of Canary Village.  They aren’t the prettiest buildings in Toronto but they are pretty much the last surviving remnant of the West Don Lands industrial heritage.  There’s a study under way to assess the feasibility of turning them into an arts and community complex which is something the east end needs.  More details on that proposal here.  Today I learned that the province is planning on razing the whole complex without any kind of community consultation or input.foundry

Apparently, a couple of days ago a demolition crew showed up without notice which looks awfully like a plan to pre-empt a plan for community use.  Today I walked past and the equipment and security is on site.  Despite the fact that these buildings are listed as Heritage Buildings by the City of Toronto the Ford government scheduled them for demolition without notifying the city, the local MPP or the relevant city councillor.  The land is owned by the province so they can legally, if not morally, do that alas.  Expect the land to be sold off for more condos.  This isn’t a big surprise as it’s part of a pattern of the Ford government selling off provincial assets in dubious circumstances.

There’s a ton more information on what’s happened, how sneaky it is and what you can do to try and stop it here.

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