Mysterious Barricades

lighthouseMysterious Barricades is a coast to coast series of concerts live streamed throughout the day in aid of Suicide Awareness and Prevention.  I don’t know if there is anyone who has not been affected by someone taking their own life or has been close to it themselves.  I do know that if such a person exists it’s not me.  So attending a concert such as yesterday’s is hard and certainly not conducive to thinking in the way necessary to write a review.  Let’s just say that the programme curated by Monica Whicher was appropriate; from the land acknowledgement by Don McLean that reminded us that suicide amongst Indigenous People is an even bigger problem than in the settler community to the finale chorale.  Comforting too to think that I had friends taking part as far away as Halifax and Kelowna.  But, for all that, a tough day at the office.

I don’t know whether music has the power to change society and its attitudes but one can hope so big thanks to everyone who volunteered their time for the cause; Don McLean, Carolyn Maule, Russell Braun, Nathalie Paulin, Jialiang Zhu, Norine Burgess, Andrea Levinson, Monica Whicher, Turkwaz (Jayne Brown, Sophia Grigoriadis, Maryem Tollar), Tracy Wong, Yvonne Choi, Ineza Mugisha and the other members of the Mysterious Barricades Toronto Chorale.


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