Nothing at all to do with opera

jane_pensive_smallSometimes I illustrate, usually snarky, posts with a picture of a little grey cat in one of her her many and expressive moods.  Today I want to talk about her for, as Benjamin Britten put it in Curlew River, “Today is an important day”.  Ten years ago this day the lemur and I had just dropped off a batch of foster kittens at the Humane Society.  We had seen them through the first hard motherless weeks until they were big enough, independent enough and healthy enough to be adopted by “normal” people.  To be honest, we were pretty much kittened out and we needed a break.  We had cleaned and packed up the Kitten Kondo and resolved to take at least a few weeks break before taking on another batch of kittens who needed bottle feeding every four hours day and night.  

jane_1415accountsThen came the call from the Humane Society.  Could we just take one kitten?  There was no-one else.  You get it.  The lemur was out and I gave in.  A short time later I arrived home with the sickest, most pathetic kitten I have ever seen.  She was the sole survivor of a litter that had been thrown into a dumpster.  She had every parasite you can imagine and some you shouldn’t.  She was a mess.  To be honest it was mostly the lemur’s kitten nursing skills that brought her through but for some reason it was me that she bonded to.  She was very slow to gain weight so it wasn’t until shortly before Christmas she was ready to go into adoption.  We weren’t willing to risk her being an unwanted Christmas acquisition so we decided to hang onto her until after the holidays.  By then it was hopeless.  She had clearly adopted us and we really had no choice but to keep her.

bearjanesmallSince then she’s slept by or on top of me almost every night and rather tends to butting me awake at 4am when she thinks that petting is in order.  She has a very specific technique for this based on being the only cat I know who has a cold wet nose.  She is the most expressive cat I’ve ever known.  After the lemur, Lady Jane Grey is probably the best thing that ever happened to me.  Happy 10th Janiversary!

11 thoughts on “Nothing at all to do with opera

  1. Happy Janiversary to you all! I vividly remember her arrival – and that you were initially told she was a male! It’s been a pleasure watching her grow up into the elegant Lady Jane.

  2. Her name is Lady Jane? I would have though TosKat or TannMouser or similar… 🙂 Very nice story, good for you to have taken her in, happy anniversary!

  3. I volunteer with an animal rescue group and have been adopted by many dogs and cats that were originally fosters. Wonderful story, beautiful cat.

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