So much for competition

I have now received the cinemaHD line ups from the Royal Opera House and the ENO.  Basically if you live in Canada you are probably screwed.  The baleful effects of the Met’s exclusive with Cineplex Odious are all too apparent.  If one compares the ROH ballet line up with opera it’s clear.  Whereas you can catch the ballet in just about every major population centre, the opera coverage is, at best, spotty.  There’s nothing at all in Quebec and Ontario is represented by four screens in Waterloo, Kingston, Whitby and Orleans.  It’s not much better elsewhere.  And ENO apparently hasn’t figured out that Canada exists which sucks because I really want to see my favourite crazy lady’s Queen of the Night.

I really wonder about the Met’s motivation.  They talk a great game about extending the audience for opera but then put barriers in the way of anything except their own rather boring product.  I also wonder why on earth Cineplex agreed to an exclusive.  When you pretty much have a monopoly you don’t need to take that shit from the Met.  Without Cineplex they are screwed too.  So it goes.

9 thoughts on “So much for competition

  1. A lot of shuffling around here in Boston and Cambridge. Met HD has moved to a new local venue (outside the city/ies proper, but easy and quick to get to by public transport), but no announcement yet for Royal Ballet or Opera. The theater that had RO in past seasons did not conflict with Met, and the local Met move wouldn’t conflict either. Very curious.

    • Sad thing is I don’t think the ROH people know just how bad their coverage is. I’m tempted to tell them that the GTA situation is like having one screen in Croydon for the whole of Greater London.

  2. John, you should do some reporting on this for your blog. Get a few people at Toronto Cineplex a call, maybe email the RO and ENO people too. See what they have to say. Maybe it could be that they (Cineplex) gave all they had to the Met without negotiation. And for how long are these contracts, they can surely be rewritten and renegotiated? It’s a crying shame, the total absence of the RO and ENO, is what it is.

  3. They talk a great game about extending the audience for opera but then put barriers in the way of anything except their own rather boring product.

    I’m pretty sure the Met thinks their product is the be all as far as opera goes.

  4. It does appear that whoever works at the ENO & CG for their HD product hasn’t completely explored the Canadian market. Even though those companies won’t have the market potential the Met does it has always struck me they could do better in getting their product out there in our market. Are you saying the Bloor Hot Docs cinema isn’t going to show any CG HDs this season? They would seem to be the right location for the ENO as well. I’ve now pretty well stopped going to Met HDs entirely. Too cookie cutter after a while. Maybe the Lulu this year but that will probably be it.

    • Bloor Hot Docs isn’t on the list I got from the ROH’s marketing company. I don’t think the people marketing the ROH or ENO products have any clue about Canada. I doubt they could find it on a map.

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