In solidarity with Bicycle Opera Project

sweatyThe Humidex is in the high 30s today but Bicycle Opera Project had a lunchtime show today and it was the only one I would be able to cycle to so I went.  I’m going again tomorrow night so I’ll hold off on the full review until then.  Enough for now to say it’s well worth catching if you can.  So, this year’s BOP tour has been notorious for its many mechanical problems; broken spokes, jammed pedals, bent wheels and who knows all what else.  On the way home today my bike decided on sympathetic action.  While negotiating the weird and wonderful passages required to get from the bottom of Roncesvalles to the Martin Goodman two chain links managed to jam themselves between two of the sprockets on the front gear.  Fortunately I carry an emergency tool kit but it’s more geared to replacing a tube or tightening a loose nut than unjamming rather solid metal.  I did manage to kluge a solution using chain lube and one of the Allen wrenches on a multi-tool but it wasn’t ideal and was accomplished only with even more sweat and a certain amount of blood (and much cursing).  I think I’ll take the TTC tomorrow.

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