La vie bohème

So this week instead of hobnobbing with the rich and famous over wine and canapés in tony North Toronto I was slumming it with the kool kids on Queen West.  Specifically I was at a fund raiser to help send Amanda Smith to intern with Robert Lepage (and maybe bring her back again).

tequilaInstead of a posh drawing room with grand piano there was the Upshtairs at Tequila Bookworm and an electronic keyboard (and Adam Scime’s bass) and the free wine was replaced with cans of beer (not free) but the crowd was thirty years younger and much prettier (except me).  There was singing too, though no Russell Braun.

I don’t actually remember what Jon Russell MacArthur sang (the problems with parties with beer) but Lyndsay Promane sang that gibberish song from Postcard from Morocco and Aaaron Durand was a rather terrifying Sweeney Todd, though only the TSA could envisage him cutting throats with a disposable Bik.  Best of all perhaps was Danika Lorèn’s deeply moving rendition of Tom Lehrer’s Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.  To my horror many/most of those present had never heard of Tom Lehrer.  Kids today I tell you.  And Mr. Scime played his bass and Lara Dodds-Eden played keyboard.

The guacamole was pretty decent too.

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