Requiem aeternam

SeventhSeal3Sunday night I attended a performance of Mozart’s Requiem Mass and the Ave Verum Corpus at Grace Church on the Hill.  It was a charity event in memory of Rachel Krehm’s younger sister Elizabeth.  All the cast and so on details are here.

I was/am in no fit state to write any kind of analytical review.  There has been far too much death in my life recently and the music and the packed church was pretty much what I needed to process some of my own demons but not to tease out the nuances of the music or the performance.  Enough!  It was all in aid of St. Michael’s ICU and it must have raised a ton of money judging by the number of people there.  I’m really grateful to Rachel for organizing this and for the invite.

3 thoughts on “Requiem aeternam

  1. Thank you for being there John. We raised about $8,500 at the door and online donations are still coming in. We are grateful to all who attended. A big hug to you for your losses. I truly believe that music is one of the greatest healing powers that exists.

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