How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

simone_sI guess being young, talented, hard working and a lovely person all help.  A leg up from Marilyn Horne does no harm either.  All of which is by way of saying that Simone Osborne makes her Carnegie Hall debut on Saturday in the Marilyn Hall Song Celebration.  Simone has already made a big impression in Toronto (Pamina, Gilda and Lauretta at COC) and across Canada as well as in Japan while taking time out to charm sharks in the Indian Ocean and Lotfi Mansouri (no relation) in Zurich.  There are some other singers too, including one Piotr Beczala, so New Yorkers might want to check this one out.

Toi, toi, toi and stuff.

6 thoughts on “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

  1. I am so tempted to go and hear this. I’m seeing Maria Stuarda that day, but the Met’s performance is an afternoon one, so I could make it – it seems like Osborne would be well worth hearing.

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